How is your brand management?

Como está a gestão de sua marca?

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Brand management, also known as branding, is essential for business management. However, it is often neglected, especially in small and medium-sized businesses and startups.

A brand can be an extremely valuable asset for an organization. In various sectors, we find examples of products that differentiate themselves and even become market leaders because they have the best-known and most valued brand by consumers.

The concept of brand is commonly associated with visual identity and logo. But it goes beyond that and includes a set of signs and symbols that refer to a product, service or a company and contains objective and subjective elements.

In this way, it encompasses the name, logo, slogan, colors, but also the intangible attributes that are related to these linguistic and visual resources. It brings elements such as values, reputation, the company’s history and its positioning in the market. The brand is also closely linked to the quality of products and services and to consumer satisfaction.

The management of these attributes, therefore, does not depend solely on the marketing and communication areas. It must be strategically aligned with other sectors such as production and logistics, requiring time, effort and consistency.

An important recommendation is the protection of the brand through its registration with the competent bodies. This is essential to prevent its unauthorized use and for the resolution of legal conflicts. This activity can be complex and, for this, it may be necessary to hire a specialized company.

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