About Bymii

Bymii is a law firm specialized in intellectual property, technology, and entertainment, which focuses its activities on the protection and strategic management of intangible assets in Brazil and abroad. We work close to our clients in a customized and creative manner, assisting them to protect and transform their ideas into intellectual assets.

Diego Perandin, founding partner of Bymii, has a passion for innovation and technology, in addition to working for over 20 years in intellectual property, data protection, personality rights, entertainment and legal marketing matters. Today, Bymii has a team of experts who always work with excellence and empathy. We are your true business partners in Brazil and abroad!

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Intellectual Assets Portfolio

In this environment, we gather our clients’ intellectual assets (brands, patents, industrial designs etc.) available for licensing or assignment. For more information about an intellectual property right and how to license or acquire it, send a message to stand@bymii.com.br.

We contact the corresponding holder, in addition to carrying out all administrative proceedings with the entities responsible to formalize the licensing or definitive assignment of an asset protected by intellectual property rights

Our Clients

Bymii’s renders IP services to companies of all segments and sizes, located in Brazil and abroad. We provide intellectual property, technology and entertainment services to entities belonging to the following fields of activities:




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Our Alliances

Bymii and its team are part of the world’s main associations in intellectual property, technology and entertainment fields, as well as legal entities related to business, such as:

Bymii TEAM

Our Team

A law firm’s main asset is its human capital. And it is not different at Bymii! We are immensely proud to count with the following professionals:

Diego Perandin

Lethycia Ventura Brilhante Nogueira

Melissa Mey Santana Miglio

Juliana Vilela

Luiz Perandin

Jackeline Lima Sanches

Maria Fernanda Almeida Silva

Maria Fernanda Felix Machado

Beatriz Vallejos da Rocha


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In accordance with the Brazilian law, trademark is a visually perceptible sign, used to identify products or services, differentiating them from others on the market.

We have extensive experience to advise our clients on all necessary steps and measures, from preliminary strategy, feasibility studies to obtaining the corresponding registration in Brazil and abroad.

We highlight below the main activities carried out by our firm embracing trademarks:

  • Registration and renewal proceedings
  • Trademark prosecution (drafting and filing of oppositions, appeals, administrative nullity proceedings, forfeiture proceedings etc.)
  • Portfolio management in Brazil and abroad
  • Contracts (license, assignment, merchandising, franchise etc.)
  • Judicial and extrajudicial litigation
  • Due diligences
  • Brand evaluation
  • General legal advice


Did you or your company solve a technical problem through a new technology? Then it is possible that your invention may be subject to patent protection. 

We have a team of experienced specialists capable of designing the best strategy for protecting your invention, working from the drafting of the patent application to the granting of the letter patent in Brazil or abroad.

We highlight below the main activities carried out by our firm in the patent area:

  • FTO / feasibility study of obtaining a patent in national and international databases
  • Assessment embracing the possible infringement of third parties’ rights
  • Protection strategies in Brazil and abroad
  • Drafting patent applications
  • Patent prosecution (drafting and filing of motions regarding technical opinions, requests for examination subsidies, appeals, compliance with technical requirements etc.)
  • Portfolio management in Brazil and abroad
  • Contracts (license, assignment, custom manufacturing etc.)
  • Judicial and extrajudicial litigation
  • Due diligences
  • Patent valuation
  • Legal advice

Industrial Designs

Creating a unique design means investing in differentiation and prominence in relation to other competing products.

To ensure that this investment is not lost, we recommend registering an Industrial Design in Brazil and, in certain situations, abroad, protecting its external configuration or ornamental pattern.

Bymii has a team of experts focused on obtaining the best strategy for protecting your design in Brazil and abroad.

We highlight below the main activities carried out by our firm in Industrial Designs:

  • Registration and renewal proceedings
  • Prosecution (drafting and filing of appeals, examination requests, administrative nullity proceedings etc.)
  • Portfolio management in Brazil and abroad
  • Contracts (license, assignment etc.)
  • Judicial and extrajudicial litigation
  • Due diligences
  • Evaluation of industrial designs
  • Legal advice


Copyrights issues are attracting more and more interest in Brazil and abroad. New technologies, including generative artificial intelligence, have brought complexity to the subject, as well as agility in the dissemination of content, transforming the industry and creating new business models, such as streaming services.

We highlight below the main activities carried out by our firm regarding Copyrights:

  • Copyrights registrations in Brazil and abroad
  • Contracts (license of rights, editing, production, distribution etc.)
  • Judicial and extrajudicial litigation
  • Due diligences
  • Legal advice
  • Anti-piracy activities


Currently, the production chains of the most varied technological sectors are permeated with software. Personal computers, smartphones, automobiles, electronics and even airplanes are now operated and controlled by computer programs. The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a reality in our daily lives, and making adequate protection of computer programs is crucial.

Our team is prepared to act in all spheres of software protection, from its source code, its screens, functionalities, and interfaces, to the base algorithm, in addition to the contractual structure and possible disputes arising from the development and use of software.

We highlight below the main activities carried out by our firm in the software area:

  • Software registration in Brazil and abroad
  • Contracts (license, development, supply of technology etc.)
  • Judicial and extrajudicial litigation
  • Due diligences
  • Legal advice
  • Anti-piracy activities


Technologic Innovation

Innovating is introducing something new or making changes to existing products, processes, services, or ideas, with the aim of improving or creating value. Innovation may arise in multiple areas, such as technology, science, business, arts, among others. In short, innovation is finding creative and effective ways to meet society’s ever-changing needs and demands.

In the area of technological innovation, Bymii team essentially works in the organization and implementation of TICs – Technological Innovation Centers, with the aim of structuring their activities, operationalizing and increasing the efficiency of the use of our legislation (“Lei do Bem”) to obtain financial aid related to innovation.

Bymii essentially offers the following services in technological innovation area:

  • Innovation Diagnosis: we study your entire innovation structure to develop the best intellectual property strategy
  • Project Framework: we map and select all benefit-capable projects developed by your company
  • Monitoring and Management of Projects developed by the company, offering continuous support for the implementation of an intellectual property strategy combined with the innovation strategy to guarantee the optimization of use of “Lei do Bem” financial aid
  • Contracts and documents related to the preservation of confidentiality and/or any partnerships between private companies and universities and/or any public authorities
  • Risk analysis and consultancy on technological innovation
  • Judicial and extrajudicial litigation


A franchise is a business model in which an entrepreneur (franchisee) develops a business unit based on a model already created, tested, and standardized by a third party (franchisor).

Under the franchise agreement, the franchisee receives not only a license to use the franchisor’s different intellectual property rights – trademark, business trade-dress, know-how and others – but also a complex set of information so that the business unit may be operated as conceived by the franchisor.

We highlight below the main activities carried out by our firm in Franchising area:

  • Registrations of intellectual property rights (trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights etc.) in Brazil and abroad
  • Franchising contracts
  • Judicial and extrajudicial litigation
  • Due diligences
  • Legal consultancy

Fashion Law

The intellectual creations present in clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and the like may also be protected by intellectual property rights, whether through design, aesthetic innovation or even the technology applicable in the fashion industry.

With the growth and increased importance of the fashion industry, conflicts, protection of original creations and technological innovations have multiplied.

Bymii helps your company evaluate each specific case and outline the best strategy to protect your creation, as well as to suppress infringements, creatively exploring the legal solutions applicable in each situation.

We highlight below the main activities carried out by our firm in Fashion Law:

  • Registrations of intellectual property rights (trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights etc.) in Brazil and abroad
  • Contracts (license, custom manufacturing, distribution, endorsement etc.)
  • Judicial and extrajudicial litigation
  • Due diligences
  • Legal advice
  • Anti-piracy activities

Technology Transfer

Acquiring technologies from those who have already followed this path is also a way of building or developing new business.

Obtaining this technology may involve purchasing or licensing intellectual property rights from third parties. Bymii may assist your company in the negotiation, drafting and registration of relevant contracts.

Bymii essentially offers the following services in technology transfer:

  • Evaluation and establishment of the best contractual structure for the agreed business
  • Contracts (supply of technology, patent licensing, industrial design licensing, trademark license, technical services, endorsement of invoices, franchise agreements etc.)
  • Recordal of contracts with the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (INPI)
  • Due diligences
  • Judicial and extrajudicial litigation

Legal Marketing and Advertising

Advertising creation requires adequate protection and contracts, in addition to compliance with the rules for advertising products and services in each business area.

Bymii advises players in this important market on the entire legal and regulatory structure that permeates advertising promotion, as well as acting in the adoption of appropriate measures (before the Brazilian Advertising Self-Regulation Council – CONAR, through other extrajudicial channels and before the Brazilian courts) .

We highlight below the main activities carried out by our firm in Legal Marketing and Advertising:

  • Legal support for advertising campaigns
  • Definition of marketing strategies in accordance with current legislation
  • Contracts, including contracts related to audiovisual issues and image rights
  • Analysis of advertising campaigns to check possible risks in their placement
  • Reviewing and obtaining business approvals on sweepstakes and contests
  • Acting before CONAR, other extrajudicial channels and before Brazilian courts, including obtaining court permits for the participation of children and adolescents in advertising campaigns

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are classified as any and all confidential information or knowledge capable of giving their holders a competitive advantage in the market, representing an important asset.

The protection of these secrets can replace or be carried out in conjunction with other forms of legal protection, such as that provided by copyrights, patents, designs, and brands.


Bymii works to strategically evaluate your business secrets and implement technical and legal measures to protect them.

We highlight below the main activities carried out by our firm in Unfair Competition:

  • Preparation of guides and internal documents for accessing and processing confidential information
  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts, confidentiality terms, licensing contracts, render of service contracts etc.
  • Analysis of the conduct of third parties to assess the practice of acts of unfair competition
  • Adoption of extrajudicial measures and lawsuits in the civil and criminal spheres to prevent the practice of unfair competition

Geographical Indications

Geographical Indications are of fundamental importance, as they value products with peculiar identity and characteristics due to climatic, geographic, or cultural factors.

Bymii provides all necessary advice on this matter, from the feasibility study to the actual obtaining of the corresponding registration.

Digital Law, Data Protection and Cyber security

The contemporary economy and society have been and continue to be reshaped by the Internet and new technologies that emerge daily, requiring creative and innovative legal solutions to solve previously non-existent problems, mainly for matters related to the protection of personal data and cyber security.

We highlight below the main activities carried out by our firm in this area:

  • Protection of domain names, including conflict solutions in cases of “cybersquatting”, “typosquatting” and conflict with brands and company names, through arbitration, judicial or extrajudicial measures
  • Drafting and review of Terms of Use, Privacy, and Data Protection Policies
  • Analysis of regulatory compliance with national and foreign standards related to privacy and data protection
  • Analysis, review, and legal advice on contracts involving the processing of personal data, including national and international transfers
  • Preparation and updating Internal Information Security Regulations and Information Security Terms of Use
  • Acting in disputes involving data leaks, fraud, unfair competition, among others
  • Due diligence involving data privacy and cyber security
  • Consultancy on digital law

Diego Perandin

Sócio-fundador e CEO

Formado em Direito pela PUC-SP, tem especializações em Processo Civil pela PUC-SP, Propriedade Intelectual pela FGVLaw, Software, Contratos de PI e Empreendedorismo Global pela George Washington University, em conjunto com o Max Planck Institute, em Munique, Alemanha.

Participa ativamente em congressos internacionais na área de propriedade intelectual e inovação tecnológica (inclusive na qualidade de painelista e integrante de comitês de estudos) promovidos pela INTA – International Trademark Association, AIPPI – International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property e ASIPI – Asociación Interamericana de la Propiedad Intelectual.

Dono de uma mente dinâmica, criativa e inovadora, adora cozinhar, viajar com a família, se arrisca na música tocando saxofone e nas artes marciais praticando Kung Fu e Tai Chi. 

Diego Perandin

Founding partner and CEO

Graduated in Law from PUC-SP, he has specializations in Civil Procedure from PUC-SP, Intellectual Property from FGVLaw, Software, IP Contracts and Global Entrepreneurship from George Washington University, together with the Max Planck Institute, in Munich, Germany.

He actively participates in international congresses in the area of ​​intellectual property and technological innovation (including as a panelist and member of study committees) promoted by INTA – International Trademark Association, AIPPI – International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and ASIPI – Asociación Interamericana de la Intellectual Property.

Owner of a dynamic, creative and innovative mind, he loves cooking, traveling with his family, ventures into music playing the saxophone and martial arts practicing Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Lethycia Ventura Brilhante Nogueira


Formada em direito pela FMU-SP, tem pós-graduação em Direito Digital, Proteção de Dados e Cibersegurança. Tem sólida experiência nas áreas administrativa e judicial de Propriedade Intelectual, atuando com Marcas, Direitos Autorais, Blockchain, Patentes e Desenhos Industriais.

Ama viajar e maratonar séries e tem paixão em assistir grandes eventos como Jogos Olímpicos e Oscar. Considera seu irmão, que é autista, um excelente companheiro para várias atividades.


Lethycia Ventura Brilhante Nogueira


Graduated in law from FMU-SP, she has a postgraduate degree in Digital Law, Data Protection and Cybersecurity. She has solid experience in prosecution and judicial areas of Intellectual Property, specially embracing Trademarks, Copyrights, Blockchain, Patents and Industrial Designs

She loves traveling and binge-watching series and is passionate about watching big events like the Olympic Games and the Oscars. She considers her brother, who is autistic, an excellent companion for various activities.


Melissa Mey Santana Miglio


É formada em Direito pela Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie e pós-graduanda em Propriedade Intelectual, Direito do Entretenimento, Mídia e Moda na Escola Superior de Advocacia da OAB. Atua no consultivo, contencioso e em contratos envolvendo os mais diversos temas da Propriedade Intelectual e Entretenimento.

Eclética e sempre pronta para se aventurar e descobrir novos gostos! É amante da literatura e desfruta seu tempo livre com a família, amigos e pets.


Melissa Mey Santana Miglio


She has a degree in Law from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and is a postgraduate student in Intellectual Property, Entertainment Law, Media and Fashion at Escola Superior de Advocacia da OAB. She works in consultancy, litigation and contracts involving the most diverse topics of Intellectual Property and Entertainment.

She considers herself extremely eclectic in her taste in music and series. She loves reading and spending time with her pets.


Juliana Vilela


Formada em direito pela PUC-SP, possui LLM em Propriedade Intelectual, pela Queen Mary College, University of London, Londres, Reino Unido. É Pós-graduada em Direito Processual Civil pela PUC-SP e em Propriedade Intelectual e Novas Tecnologias pela FGV. Capacitada em mediação e arbitragem pelo Instituto de mediação e arbitragem (IMAB). Atualmente cursa a Pós-graduação em Direito Digital pela FGVLaw. Possui sólida experiência em resolução de conflitos. Sua especialidade são casos na área de tecnologia, propriedade intelectual, mídia e entretenimento. Atua no Conselho Nacional de Autorregulamentação Publicitária (CONAR) e na elaboração de consultas, pareceres e contratos. É membro das Comissão de Privacidade e Proteção de Dados da OAB/SP e da Comissão de Mediação Empresarial da OAB/SP.

Gosta de passar tempo com sua filha, tocar piano, nadar e cozinhar para família e amigos.





Juliana Vilela

Of counsel

Graduated in law from PUC-SP, she specialized in Civil Procedure Law and LLM in Intellectual Property in the United Kingdom. She is currently studying the Postgraduate course in Digital Law at FGVLaw. She is a mediator with over 15 years of experience in conflict resolution. Her specialties are cases in the areas of technology, intellectual property, media and entertainment. She works at the National Advertising Self-Regulation Council (CONAR) in preparing consultations, opinions, and contracts.

She enjoys spending time with her daughter, playing the piano, swimming, and cooking for family and friends.

Luiz Perandin

Novos negócios

Advogado com experiência de mais de 50 anos na gestão de equipes multifuncionais.

Adora curtir os três netos e também leitura, cinema e teatro.

Luiz Perandin

Business Development

Lawyer with over 50 years of experience in managing multifunctional teams.

He loves enjoying his three grandchildren, reading, going to the movies and theater.

Jackeline Lima Sanches

Administrativo e Financeiro

É graduada em Administração de Empresas e atua na área administrativa, financeira e de gestão de pessoas.

Adora atividades com a família como passeios ao ar livre. Também é fã de uma boa leitura.

Jackeline Lima Sanches

Administrative and Financial Assistant

She has a degree in Business Administration and works in the administrative, financial and people management areas.

She loves family activities like walks in parks. She is also a fan of a good book.

Maria Fernanda Felix Machado


Graduanda em Direito pela Universidade São Judas Tadeu, atuando no setor administrativo e judicial de propriedade intelectual.

Tem como hobbies assistir séries, filmes e é fã de literatura.

Maria Fernanda Felix Machado

Legal Intern

Law student at Universidade São Judas Tadeu, working in the administrative and judicial sector of intellectual property.

Her hobbies are watching series, movies and she is a fan of literature.