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Our Clients


We are ready to assist different kinds of clients worldwide.

Law firms

ByMii is the ideal business partner of law firms that do not count with departments of professionals specialized in intellectual property.

Moreover, we also assist internatinal law firms and IP agencies that require a local professional to render services related to intellectual property protection, as well as in other related matters (contracts, lawsuits and advisory services).


The digital revolution and its effects on business environment are being noticed by investors (venture capital funds, private equity and angel investors) for a while.  

We, at ByMii, are able to analyze if your financial support will be invested in intangible assets subject to protection, increasing profitability possibilities.

Research, Development and Innovation Centers

The development of a nation walks side-by-side of R&D activities in several areas of knowledge.  

Universities and also research, development and innovation centers bring improvements to human health and life quality and also enable social and economic development. They are barn of all sorts of ideas that may be protected in different ways.

In this sense, among other services, we are able to assist R&D and innovation centers through patent filing, software registration, technology transfer agreements etc.

We are also available to sign collaboration agreements with public and private entities that look for sustainable development and life quality.

Companies of all sizes

A good idea may arise in any kind of business. It may appear in small and big sized companies.

Based on those premises, ByMii always performs a detailed inquiry of its clients’ activities in order to present the best strategy to protect and manage their ideas in Brazil and abroad.

Regardless of whether is a multinational that already owns a wide trademarks, patents and designs portfolio, or a company that is just starting its activities and need to protect your intellectual property accordingly, ByMii is ready to assist its clients.


Two outstanding characteristics are usually observed in startups:

  • They arise from an innovative idea, dedicated to solve a real problem
  • They develop in high speed and in some cases pivot to other fields of activity, expanding their business to other countries just a few months after their beginning

We understand and create a tailored plan to protect and manage the intellectual property of this unique kind of company.

ByMii’s team has expertise, works on statups rhythm and render worldwide services in order to solve their problems in an uncomplicated and agile way.    

In other words, ByMii is the ideal partner to startups that want to protect their creations (trademarks, patents, software, designs etc.) accordingly anywhere and at fair prices.


You woke up in the middle of the night and had an innovative idea. How to protect it and extract competitive edge from such idea?

You explore a product or render a service and created an original name to identify it. Do you believe that this name may be registered as trademark? In this sense, how to register a trademark in Brazil and abroad?

You composed a music that promises to be a blockbuster. Where and how to register a song?

You wrote a praised tale and will present it to an editor. How to legally enable its publishing, edition and commercialization (hard copies and ebooks)?   

ByMii helps you to answer those questions and more.